Preparation of VHH antibody without using animals

Barcodebody Co.

Barcodebody Co. is a venture established in Kyoto University based on JST-CREST project in 2019 by CEO Noboru Munekawa and COO Mitsuyoshi Ueda.
Usually antibodies have been produced with using animals. Their production is very small amount, and it is expensive and not stable. Furthermore, a lot of them are not produced in Japan and imported from foreign countries. Many of them are poly-clonal and impure. Convinient monoclonal antibodies are not available and expensive,

We have knocked out such situations!!

Monoclonal antibodies (VHH antibodies; variable domain of heavy chain of heavy chain antibody) with high quality are successfully produced without using animals including camel, alpaca, rabitt, and mouse etc..
Production has been done only with analytical instrumants and incubators in a small laboratory.
Our monoclonal antibodies are produced with using yeasts, eukayotic microorganisms, using peptide barcodes based on DNA barcodes.
By our techcology, large amounts of monoclonal antibodies are produced. They are cheaper, order-made, and disposable.
It is a revolutional preparation method in the world!!
Using this license, anyone could produce targeted monoclonal antibodies.
In the future, any monoclonal antibodies and special binders against any compounds can be produced.
At present, by collaboration of companies -chemical or pharmaceutical companies-, targeted monoclonal antibodies have been produced and novel ones have been developed.

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