1. Licence supply of preparing humanaized barcodebody antibodies without using animals
    -Nonexclusive license of our patent
  2. Based on barcodebodies, fused fields of other technologies-biotechnologies with materials and analysis
  3. Cross usage of licenses among universities, companies, and others by contracts
  4. Large amount production of barcodebodies

Applications using barcodebodies

Sensors with molecular recognition

Imaging probes for high resolution

Pharmaceutical chemicals- molecular targeting medicines (screeing and analysis of functions)

Razer remedy with probing of molecules

Monoclonal antibodies against low-molecular chemicals

Application in microchips

New field of antibodies for agriculture

Size of Molecule1/10 Hevy chain

Usual production of full-body antibodies

Full-body antibody and Barcodebody

Without using animals- Only using yeasts (eukaryotic microorganism), cultivation and analytical instruments

  1. Production by cultivation in the test tubes
  2. Very cheap
  3. Preparation in the short time
  4. Without endotoxins – safe usage and application to medical usage
  5. Without using animals- preservation of living animals
  6. Production of monoclonal antibodies with specific functions
  7. Easy changes to humanized VHH abtibodies

Summary of  our technology

Speedy selection and revolutional production of monoclonal antibodies

【PLOS ONE】Peptide barcoding for establishment of new types of genotype–phenotype linkage

Practical results –Imaging of CD4 barcodebody